Monday, December 19, 2011

Launching Keller Homemade's 2012 Calendar!!

!!!!!!*drum rolls*!!!!!

Here we are to launch Keller Homemade's 2012 Calendar!

Last year's idea was a pocket calendar. This year, I wanted to make it a table calendar. Or for those who want to hang it on the wall, you are free to fit it into a beautiful white picture frame too. For those who would like to have an enlarged version, please kindly contact me for special quotation :)

Meanwhile, I designed the layout of the calendar with Adobe Illustrator. I did have to check triple times on the days and dates. Just to double confirmed that I've typed everything correctly :)

There are two versions of the calendar. One with bible verses. One without :)

(Front view of the calendar in a Tolsby Frame)

(Back view of the calendar in a Tolsby Frame)

After all the designing and editing were done, I printed them onto 125gsm of white card stock. The calendar is printed OKI Laser Colour Printer which promotos great glossy effect.

The size fits perfectly into Ikea Tolsby Frame which measures 10cm(w) x 15cm(h).

For those who would like to have a Tolsby Frame, you can get it from Ikea at RM 4.90 only. Or you can also get it from me to be included in your parcel at the same price :) (saves you the trip to Ikea!)

I love the packaging part the most!

To protect it from any mishap during posting, the calendar, which includes:

1 transparency card stock
1 front cover design
12 pieces of printed design
1 vintage floral paper

Tied with twines, wrapped and sealed with tracing paper. And finally, the whole package will be inserted into a flowery envelope that I folded and made myself. Sealed with a matching cover button :)

And if you would like to give this as a gift to your friends and family, you can request for a hand-stamped name on the front of the package :)

And what do you do when each month comes to an end, you can cut out the bear picture and re-framed it to your own liking.
Or, you can collect all 12 designs and framed it into a bigger piece :)

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