Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fabric Stickers

Code: Fabric Stickers
Measurements: 8 pcs of 2cm(w) x 10cm(h)
18 pcs of 1.2cm(w) x 5.5cm(h)
Price: RM 5 per packet

I have been wrapping gifts for my friends with fabric stickers and they were all thrilled to receive it. These are easy to make! You can cut out any sizes of fabrics you like and stick some double sided tape on it. And when you need that quick solution to just add some colours into your gifts, pick up one of his fabric stickers and stick on your gift cards or just seal up the opening like the picture below.


If you would like to save time and the hassle to measure and sort your fabric, you can buy this packet of fabric stickers here! Only RM 5 for your scrapbooking needs! :)

I am storing mine in a beautiful container, on my desk!

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