Thursday, January 27, 2011


Code: Valentine's Day Special!
Price: RM 25 each

Celebrate Valentine's this year with a different twist!

Present him with a personalized chocolates in a little can with valentines wrapping. You will find 4 different design of chocolate wrappers (with the chocolate), a keychain to let your partner know that he/she has the KEY to your heart :) , a card for you to write your LOVE message, and a HEART shape softies to complement.

Surprise your partner with this little gift on his appetizer plate before the waiter serves you your candlelight dinner :)

You get to choose any one of this heart softies. Just let me know in your email to me at

Hope all of you have a great Valentine's Day this year!


luvfeelin 乐飞翎 said...

sweet items you have! i wish to received it during valentine, hehe~ (although it is impossible but still...pre wish you happy valentine day!)

keller said...

happy valentine's day to you too joan! :)