Friday, October 1, 2010

Code: Drawstring Shoe Bag (Blue)
Measurements: 22cm (width) x 41cm(length) x 7cm(depth)
Price: RM 40

Made of cotton fabric inside out. Made this specially for frequent travelers of the commuter. I understand how painful it can be without a seat to rest your legs on your way to and back from work. Hence, the idea to make a beautiful shoe bag for one to hand carry and keep your high heels in it. No one will be able to guess what's inside! :)

Change your sandals back to your heels as soon as you reach your desk in the office. If the bag gets dirty, hand wash it. Cotton dries very quickly. Leave it to dry on your chair and it's fit to be used again when you clock out!

A pocket is sewn on the front for that extra stocking you might need to use.

Please find the last picture of the shoe in plastics. This is for cleanliness purpose as I snap photos of the bag :)

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