Sunday, April 18, 2010

Young Designer's Week pt 2

Bringing to you one of the things that I am going to put up for the craft fair this Saturday.

Little hearts for Mother's Day Special Item. Hearts are made of blended cotton + linen fabric and stuffed with cotton.

Instructions are provided inside the brown paper(with my logo on it). Little strips of magnets are supplied for those who want to stick it on their refrigerators. Sample picture below. And of course you can have it on your aluminium flower pots too! And have it decorated on your dining table. I wish to show you a picture of it but I couldn't find a nice flower pot. Went to check out every hypermarket in town and hardware shops too but they don't have it. Very very sad. I meant to use it for display on the actual day of the craft fair. Looks like I have to forgo that.


6 lovely hearts + 6 strips of magnets + a mother's day card + woven net will be sold as a set.

I especially love the woven net!

I was thinking once all the hearts are taken out and use as magnets, mothers can use it to store their onions and garlics!

Reduce, reuse, recycle :)

And other items that I'll be selling on that day.
Hope to see all of you there! :)

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