Saturday, January 30, 2010

notebook sleeves

Code: Notebook Sleeves 01
Measurements: 13"(w) x 10.5"(h)
Price: SOLD

Made from cotton fabric and fully lined with linen. Cotton padding is added for protection of notebook. Closure is sewn with a wooden button but hidden underneath is velcro :p

Included inside is a pocket for documents and notes.

It fits perfectly for a Toshiba 13" laptop or any other smaller laptops.

Seen above is my netbook and my mouse.


peiling said...

wow maybe u used my laptop to anggar -_-

oyling said...

Hey, I jusr came across your page! The items are nice. Wanted to ask you to make me a notebook sleeve also. But i havent decided if it should be 15" across or 13". Haha..How long do you need to make one?

peiyee said...

hi irene.. thank you so much for dropping by.. u got to supply me with the color preference of your choice also..i'll take roughly 1 week to 2 weeks when it comes to custom order.. :)

oliviayuyu said...

how much is a laptop bag? mine is 14"
email me