Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ballerina Pencil Case

Code: Ballerina Pencil Case
Measurements: 8"(w) x 3.5"(h) x 1"(d)
Price: RM 9.90

The pencil case is made from printed cotton. Included inside is a black lining. Attach along is a ballerina suit charm on the zipper head. A black zipper is double-stitched to prevent jamming


Anonymous said...

ouch... i am too late for all these...i love his pencil case so SO SO much.. but it is sold... is it possible 4 u to make anthr which is exactly the same? >_< i like it so much. wuhuhu

peiyee said...

it's possible! could you pls send me ur email so i can correspond with you regarding this?

thanks :)

voen said...

pei yee, this's actually me.. =) long time no see ler.

seriously, i like it very much.

is it possible to turn it into a purse? i mean the leper type den with few card slot in it? (lebih)

peiyee said...

hi lee voen!

it is possible to turn it into a purse. but i am not free to do that yet. haha. because i may need time to sort out how to sew it. have been very busy with work in the office now. but if pencil case, easy lah. because i did it before ma. :)

voen said...